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Membership Resources

PIEP is dedicated to helping members increase their professionalism and advance their career more effectively and efficiently. Through these resources, PIEP offers easy access to necessary materials and files needed by members.

1. Membership Forms

These are forms a member can download and print.

  1. Regular Individual Member Form
    Download PDF file

  2. Regular Corporate Member Form
    Download PDF file

2. Membership Memorandums

These are memorandums issued by the board.

  1. Memorandum circular 2017-02
    Download PDF file

  2. Memorandum circular 2017-03
    Download PDF file

3. Board of Environmental Planning

These are resolutions issued by the board.

  1. Law Regulating the Environmental Planning Profession
    Download PDF file

  2. Code of Ethics for Environmental Planners
    Download PDF file

  3. Revised Syllabi for the Environmental Planner Licensure Examination
    Download PDF file
PRC Environmental Planner Primer

Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Primer on Environmental Planning Profession