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Type of PIEP Membership

There shall be two basic categories of membership, regular and associate. The following are the basic qualifications of an applicant for membership.

A. Regular Member

A regular member may either be an individual member or a corporate member.

  1. Regular Individual Member
    A regular individual member must be a licensed Environmental Planner registered in accordance with the Laws of the Republic of the Philippines.

  2. Regular Corporate Member
    A regular corporate member shall be a duly organized and incorporated corporation registered with the Professional Regulation Commission as an environmental planning firm, seventy five percent of whose ownership or membership is composed of duly licensed and registered Environmental Planners.

B. Associate Member

An associate member qualifies under Section 14 of Resolution No. 1., Series of 1994 of the Board of Environmental Planning, or has been a member of the PIEP even prior to the effectivity of PD 1308 but did not become a registered planner.

C. Honorary Member

Under very special and meritorious circumstances, the Board may admit as honorary members exceptional and outstanding individuals who have consistently supported the principles causes, objectives and programs of the Institute contributed to the development and institutionalization of the profession.

Other Categories of Membership

A regular member can likewise become any of the following:

A.1 Life Member

A life member is a regular member in good standing for at least five years and whose nomination is approved by the Board. Those life members who are accorded such status prior to the effectivity of this provision shall be exempt from this qualification and shall retain their status as life members.

A.2 Fellow

A fellow is a regular member in good standing for at least ten years, who has served as Director or Officer for at least one year and has shown exemplary and eminent service to the profession and the PIEP, as approved by the Board.

A.3 Honorary Fellow

Under very special circumstances, the Board may award the title of Honorary Fellow to an exceptionally deserving person who may not be a regular member of the PIEP. No Fellow or Honorary Fellow shall be approved by the Board unless recommended by the PIEP College of Fellows.

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