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Promoting environmental planning
in the Philippines



PIEP is a non-governmental, non-profit, professional organization who promotes, advances and raises the study, practice and development of environmental planning in the Philippines.
piep national organizational structure

Significant events

The need to form an organization such as the PIEP was generated by a series of events which led to the demand for and recognition of a new field of expertise – planning. These events included the following:

Dates Events
16 October 1969 Registration to SEC
SEC Registration number: 39595
March 2, 1977 Passage of Presidential Decree No. 1308 (Regulating the Practice of the Profession on Environmental Planning in the Philippines)
June 25,1993 First Board of Environmental Planning was constituted by President Fidel V. Ramos with Serafin G. Aquino, Chairman; Cesar H. Concio and Luis T. Tungpalan as members.
February 17, 1995 Registration of first batch of Environmental Planners
1996 First Environmental Planning Board Examination
Membership in Eastern Regional Organization for Planning and Housing (EROPH)
August 29, 1999 Establishment of first PIEP Chapter in Cebu

PIEP Articles of Incorporation

Environmental Planners in the Philippines

total EnP